Saturday, February 26, 2011

Farm Dishes

My Brock California 1940’s farmhouse dishes arrived on Thursday in the mail. They are both cuter and bigger than I thought they would be and they are in perfect condition!

farm dishes 03

farm dishes 06

farm dishes 04farm dishes 05farm dishes 07farm dishes 08farm dishes 09I love how every piece has it’s only little scene!

I wasn’t sure where to store them in order to both have them accessible to use and allow people to see them??? So for now, they are on display on my “stove”. I kinda like how they look there…

farm dishes 10I just couldn’t wait to use them! On Friday morning, I rolled up my sleeves and washed enough pieces for Chris’ birthday waffle breakfast. They just look like they were meant to eat breakfast on…

farm dishes 01farm dishes 02Waffles, sausages, hot tea on a snowy winter morning… Life on the farm doesn’t get much better!

My cereal bowls are ordered and on their way… I CAN’T wait! Then my set will be complete!

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