Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dish Crafts

Somehow despite my aversion to washing dishes by hand, I seem to have gotten myself in a pickle. My new pots and my new favorite dishes are BOTH hand wash only! I now find myself with dishpan hands (no, I don’t use Palmolive…), and a perpetual stack of drying dishes on my counter. Hence, I also have a perpetual puddle of water on my counter.

I could use a dish rack but they are so bulky and unattractive and take up a bunch of space in a cupboard or on the counter. So I had to come up with a solution that was both practical and cute…

I had just the thing in my stash! A set of very fun vintage prints from my friend Becky (yes, the one who made my new kitchen quilt). And with a couple of bathroom hand towels that I never use, I soon had exactly what I needed! (and some bonus items, too)

kitchen crafts 03Two dish drying towels and two coordinating appliqu├ęd tea towels.

  kitchen crafts 05

I love the binding with the ric rac accent!

kitchen crafts 04

I also took the remaining fabric and made a matching apron! I am so trying to get into the habit of wearing an apron while working in the kitchen. It’s both stylish and practical…

kitchen crafts 02kitchen crafts 01 You can’t see them in the picture, but there are two little pleats in the center of the apron.

I’ve been using the towels to dry dishes on for a few days now and they work great! All I do is hang them to dry after I put the dishes away and they are all ready for the next load…

dishes 01I’m saving the cute one for when we have company! :o)


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