Sunday, March 20, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

Having just taken an entire van-load of stuff OUT of my home, I was none too eager to bring any more stuff in. But then there are garage sales and second-hand stores that just entice me with all the fun stuff that I am sure that I really need… This Saturday was no exception.

Friends were having a missions trip fundraiser at their church. And the boys REALLY wanted to go, so I did.

Thankfully things were pretty picked over by the time we got there and I just really wasn’t in the mood to shop. :o) But I did get to visit with a friend and we came home with only two things!

One that I love… And one that Andy found and LOVES!

garage sale 01 Obviously this is the one I love! :o) I am just sure that Christmas cookies will taste even better from a plastic Santa head!

garage sale 02

This is what Andy loves! He found a complete set of “Armored Vehicle Recognition” cards from 1987.

garage sale 03

Each card includes the country it is used in, stats, weapons and all-angles to-scale views.

Andy was so excited about them that he looked them up on the internet and discovered that complete sets sell for $20 on Amazon! Way to go Andy! Now we will know exactly what kind of tank it is when we see one driving up the street… :o)

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Jen said...

I love going to garage sales and thrift store shopping. You never know what you'll come home with.