Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Gifts

I know I post quite a bit about gifts I get, but I love that my family and friends know me so well!

Here are some of the sweet little things I got this year…

Bday gifts 03 My Easter basket from my mom was full of sewing notions! Fun and better for my teeth than candy… (I’m not saying I don’t like candy!) LOL

Bday gifts 02

Decorative fencing to spruce up the beds in the back and hopefully discourage chicken damage???

Bday gifts 01

My grandma saw this bag and thought of me…

Bday gifts 04

My sister-in-law gave me these adorable condiment jars! I really thought the green one would be relish… I feel like I should paint relish on the other side. :o)

Bday gifts 05

My sister bought me this fun little egg cup and even made her a hat!

Bday gifts 06

She looks right at home with all my other egg cups on the windowsill

Bday gifts 08

Bday gifts 07

The round pink egg slicer is just too cute to use and looks PERFECT on my pink and turquoise wall!

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