Friday, April 15, 2011

Chester & Bacon

I feel kind of sad that we have to live so far away from our pig Chester. While I am really looking forward to eating him, I do wish we could see him more often and, you know, bond with our food… But thankfully my sister Theresa, who is also a partial owner of the other half of Chester, went to visit and took some pics!

I can’t believe how big they have gotten since we saw them on the day they arrived at Frank and Amy’s farm!

Sister Day 04 Poor little things!

pigs 02

Amy says Chester is a little feisty though and they can’t let Ada in with them any more.

pigs 07Chester, you yummy little rascal! 

pigs 03

Eat up, you two!!! You’ve got a lot of growin’ to do! :o)

Thanks again Frank & Amy! They look delicious… I mean, they look great! LOL

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