Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Farming Roots

My mom loaned us one of her old photo albums from 1976-77. It was so fun to look back and reminisce about growing up! So many great memories! I think I also discovered why I have such a soft spot for farming, camping and all those other things I love… It started when I was just a little tot!

03 No wonder I want a goat so bad! I’ve loved them since I was little…


Camping on Scout Lake summer of 1976.
Floating on a log with Dad and Uncle Rick


Me and our new kitten Amanda! She had TONS of kittens in the barn! We had her longer than any other cat growing up…


12I’ve always loved woodcutting! And I’m so happy I’ve passed that on to my boys!


Helping make a scarecrow for our garden. Spring 1977

I think our garden needs a scarecrow this year!!!


Playing in the sprinkler in the backyard! See our scarecrow in the garden…

I hope my boys have just as fond of memories of this stuff as I do…

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Theresa Rohrer said...

CARRIE!!!! You liar! You've always loved woodcutting?!?! How many times have you told me how much you HATED woodcutting growing up? How many times have you told me how lucky I was to have been the baby and not needed to help with the woodcutting? I can't remember how many times exactly, but I know it would a very high number between 50-100. I can vividly hear you complaining, "It was like child slave labor!" You might feel nostalgic about it now, but you certainly didn't love it then or even a couple of years ago...
your little sister