Saturday, April 9, 2011

The War on Weeds

Weeds are a continuous battle but we are slowly winning the war! We just have to keep up on it and not let them dig themselves in or gain any ground. I wish we had taken more pictures of how truly HORRIBLE our yard was when we first moved in. I love before and after pictures! While the weeds have been pretty tenacious during our winter truce, despite the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having, they really were not as bad as they’ve been in the past. Whew!

So here are today’s before pictures…

weeds 01 Apparently the weed block I laid down under the sand is NOT an effective weapon against weeds. Especially the very hearty horsetail! (don’t get too comfy, you won’t be around for long)

weeds 02

weeds 03

Our best weapon of defense is just to pull, pull, pull! You see those little vermin pop up their heads and you just rip them right out! This takes a little more time but is well worth the effort…

My favorite secret weapon is salt and vinegar! It’s a great non-toxic yet highly effective weed killer! Just don’t use it too close to things that you do not want to die. Here’s a link to the recipe for salt & vinegar weed killer.

So after a lot of yanking and some spraying, we are looking much better! And I’m sure my neighbors appreciate it, too!

weeds 04 weeds 05I even uncovered enough rhubarb to make 5 tiny little rhubarb crisps for dessert! (Here’s the recipe for rhubarb crisp)

weeds 08I just hope we get some more so I can make these little guys again!

weeds 06I was able to get rid of most of the weeds here but also discovered that the chickens tore up most all of our strawberries! Arrrrr!!!!

But rhubarb and weeds are not the only thing I found growing today…

weeds 07Chives!

Now I’m going to have to make a pot of baked potato soup…  

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