Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Off With Their Heads!

Today was butchering day and God blessed us with a gorgeous sunny day! My brother and his wife graciously agreed to raise a dozen Cornish Crosses for us.

While I can’t say that I enjoy killing the chickens, I DO enjoy the process. I like getting together and working with family. I like the sense of community and coming together to help one another. I like knowing WHERE our food comes from. I like knowing that our chickens had a good life, albeit a short life. They got to live in a cute, clean little red chicken coop and have my niece Ada for company.

butchering 01 butchering 02WARNING: Here’s where it gets a bit bloody…

These are pictures of our butchering process in no particular order.

Most of us did all of the jobs but some of us became a bit more specialized…

butchering 03 butchering 19 butchering 18 butchering 17 butchering 16 butchering 15             We also got to enjoy a 360 view of the mountain while we worked!butchering 14

butchering 13

William was good at gutting and removing the lungs

butchering 12

Andy was very skilled at skinning

butchering 11

butchering 10

Dad did most of the scorching with the blowtorch

butchering 09

butchering 08

Frank and Will did most of the gutting

butchering 07

I was in charge of making sure they were nice and shiny clean

butchering 20

butchering 05

I love this shot of Ada and Zack walking back to the house!

butchering 04It was a very good day on the farm! I love having two shelves of chicken in the freezer!


Christine said...

I love this post! Weird maybe but it is so important for all the family to be involved in the process. I know we had comments from people who thought we were torturing out kids by letting them help with hunting deer, including the gutting and butchering. And our kids still love and respect the deer but also know they are food for us and it was once a living thing, not just something you buy at the supermarket.

Amy Lynne said...

I love that shot of Zack and Ada too! How cute!

Chicken coop plans said...

I know it is a reality and a fact of life but I'm sure I could not do that. I keep a small flock of hens for egg laying pets and the thought of eating my friends up is, well, unthinkable.

Looks like you have a great system for it though and make a good day of it :)

lynn said...

Very cool post!