Friday, May 20, 2011

Starting The Garden

This year’s gardening season is off to a very late start. But thanks to a stretch of sunny days, I had enough hope to go ahead and get some seeds planted in my paper pots (click to see how to make your own). My poor pots were probably beginning to think they were never going to be used. They’ve been sitting in the front window for almost two months just waiting…

pots 01 First, I picked which seeds I wanted to try to start. This year’s nominees are: Danish Ballhead cabbage, Orient Express cabbage, cilantro, broccoli, and jalapenos.

starts 01 In order to keep all those little guys straight, they needed their own name tags. And I had the perfect idea! All I needed was some of my scrapbooking tags, some floral wire and a pair of pliers.

starts 02First bend the tip of the wire down

starts 03 

Then bend the end in the opposite direction to create the hook for the tag

starts 04

Write the name of your plant on the tag

starts 05

Insert the tag into your pot and no more guessing as to what that little green shoot is! (and you can use them again next year…)

Thanks to my very sweet and garden-y neighbor, this year’s starts are going to get their start in a real-life greenhouse! As you can see, she is quite the gardener! I’m sure my starts are going to be quite disappointed when they have to return to the slums over in our yard… LOL

starts 06Hopefully in a couple of weeks the weather will continue to improve, the garden will get tilled and my little guys will be ready to move!

starts 07starts 08Grow big and strong little starts! Life’s tough in the great big world out there!!!  

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