Wednesday, May 25, 2011

White Walls

This story started 10 days ago with what was to be a simple two day painting project of the entryway. I should have known better. After all, there was no way I could prime and paint in only two days! Our entry has two paneled walls and a really high ceiling…

painting  02

painting  03

painting  04After 5 coats of primer, a really TALL ladder, breathing paint fumes, and a whole lot  more than two days of painting; it was finally done!

painting  05Thankfully Will was there to help with the stirring!

painting  06 

It was really high up there!

It was the wall over the downstairs steps that was the hardest! There was just one little section that I just couldn’t reach…

painting  07painting  08But Andy and I came up with a solution involving duct tape, a yard stick and a paintbrush!

painting  09painting  10painting  11It did the trick!

After the entryway looked all clean and white, the downstairs hallway looked horrible and dingy. So I repainted it while everything was still out and I was still in the mood.

painting  12      As you can tell, it really needed paining… and the hallway was WORSE!

I also painted the doorway to the kitchen. Our dinner bell is pretty tough on the paint job! So to protect my fresh new paint, I laminated a fun piece of scrapbooking paper to put behind it.

painting  13painting  15I also put the coordinating sheet of paper in a frame for the other side.

painting  14   The painting was done but I wish the story ended here…

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