Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I was beginning to fear we would never get our garden in this year with the horrible cold wet spring we’ve had! I decided that even if the sun wasn’t going to show itself, I’d have to do something myself to make this year’s garden bright and cheery!

So I took all of my old banisters from our ugly railing (see previous post) gave them a bit of accent paint for the fence.

garden 01garden 03  Fence posts that cute needed accessories! So next I painted up some juice lids and cut up coat hangers and made garden markers:

garden 02garden 04garden 05Thanks to my sister, Theresa, for painting the words on them!

garden 08Everything was so bright and colorful that it just didn’t seem right to put in my old rusty tomato cages! But a quick coat of paint fixed that problem right up!

garden 06

After all that prep work I finally took the risk and planted! And yesterday when I went to do some weeding I found REAL plants starting to pop up!!!

garden 14 pole beans

garden 16


garden 17


garden 18

Even my corn came up!!!

I love this part of gardening! Every day when you go out you see new things springing out of the dirt and growing taller!

Some things got a head start in the greenhouse or from starts, but I think the garden is coming along nicely!

garden 07   This year we put in a second garden where the pool used to begarden 09


garden 10


garden 11

Peas along the fence

garden 25

There’s also radishes, beets, carrots, shallots, & garlic

garden 24My hubby had to rig up our sprinkler in the middle in order to reach everything!

garden 19 

I love the way the cages turned out!

garden 13

garden 12We may even have some strawberries soon!

garden 23 garden 21 garden 22 

The stuff on the deck looks so nice! Lettuce salad before we know it!!!

garden 20

I also threw in some flowers under the boys’ window!

Now we wait and see what needs to be planted again… :o)

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Kate said...

Carrie, I love your round garden, it looks so lovely.