Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I’m Blessed Monday

It’s time for a second installment of “I’m Blessed” for the He Sows She Sews blog carnival.

Today I am posting while sitting in our little trailer at Family Bible Camp. We arrived a day early and I am enjoying the break from every day life and the busy-ness of camp beginning tomorrow. Right now I am listening to the birds singing in the trees and watching a buck eat blackberries out my window!

camp site  04 Yes, that’s the boys’ tent in the background! :o)

camp site  02 camp site  03

Yes, I am blessed to get to be at Bible Camp this week! It is so fun to see friends, listen to some great teaching and sing with a big group of people. But camp hasn’t started and this post is supposed to be how I’ve been blessed the past week… I’m getting there, I promise!

Getting here is my blessing of the week! I am thankful that all the little details came together. I am thankful that we have people staying at the house and taking care of our critters. But most of all I am thankful for our drive here!

Before today, every trip we have taken with our trailer has been a real nail-biter for me! It doesn’t make for an enjoyable ride. That is until today…

This week my sweet hubby spent an entire day working on the trailer with the help of a good friend! They installed a weight-bearing hitch, new lights, fixed the bumper, put on new tow chains, hooked up the new brake controller in the van, and put new tires on the trailer.

camp site  01 Now it pulls like a dream! This week we are thankful for the way we’ve been blessed by great friends and fancy stuff for our poor old trailer! :o)

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