Monday, July 4, 2011

I’m Blessed Monday

It’s time for another “I’m Blessed” post! Be sure to visit “He Sows She Sows” for more posts or share your own…

I just spent a whirlwind week at Bible Camp and I was totally blessed! Blessed by the teaching, the worship, the weather (for the most part) and by friends! It seems that everywhere you turn there are people to greet and hug, to chat with and catch up with… It’s the best!

This year I was doubly blessed by the fact that the district Women’s Ministry president hosted a lovely tea for the pastors’ wives. What a gift to be able to share and pray with women who know what you are going through. The tea was made even more special because my friend Amy just moved to the NW from Florida! The Prices are now only about 3-4 hours away!!!

pastors' wives

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Gretchen R said...

O, I love Bible Camp. It's about the most refreshing thing in the world!