Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don’t Mess With Momma

It’s no secret that our kitty does NOT like the new puppy! Actually, that could be the understatement of the year! She HATES Max!!!

In a way it is sort of a turning of the tables for Tabbi… Betsy hated her when she was a tiny kitten and now she hates Max. Now that I think of it, Betsy hates Max, too. Poor Max!!! :o(  But we love him!

My boys were sure that the source of Tabitha’s animosity towards Max is due to her raging pregnant hormones! And they may be right… But the random attacks and hissing was getting old FAST!

But the feud reached a head when Zack arrived home from Bible Camp about 5 hours ahead of the rest of us. (He rode back with a friend.) While having supper at Applebee’s, 4 + hours north of home, I receive a breathless phone call from my oldest son asking what he should do.

Tabbi had been resting on his lap and Max decided to join in the fun; only the cat didn’t think it was fun… She went NUTS! Like super psychotic wacko nuts! She jumped on Max’s back and started biting and scratching. The panicked puppy took off running and yelping with Tabbi still on his back. Zack raced off to save his puppy from certain doom only to get bit by a very frantic and crazed momma-to-be.

My advice, take her bed, food, water and litter box and banish her to the garage! Then clean up the wounds and make something to eat.

All the way home I tried to figure out what had snapped in her little feline brain??? My guys tried to tell me she was just going to have her babies soon. But to go that postal just because she was going to deliver kittens sometime in the near future? It seemed just too extreme…

We arrived home very late and absolutely exhausted! Everyone went straight to bed and forgot all about the banished kitty out in the garage (which, by the way, is one of her favorite places to be)…

Until the next morning when Zack went out to open up the garage and out comes a very skinny Tabbi!!! Deducing that the kittens had to have arrived during the night, Zack ran out to the garage and heard the tiny little mews from her three tiny babies…

kittens day 1-3  01Here they are right after we found them

kittens day 1-3  04 kittens day 1-3  02

kittens day 1-3  03

We quickly picked them up to put a clean towel in their box and settle them into the laundry room. Thankfully momma cat didn’t mind a bit!

kittens day 1-3  05All settled in back in the house

Despite the fact that everything went just fine and mother and babies are doing well, I feel awful that I booted my poor laboring kitty into the garage to have her babies! :o(

Now that things at home have settled down to a normal routine, Tabbi has settled right into her role as a new momma. She is also enjoying having her own quiet space AWAY from the dogs, especially Max! :o)

kittens day 1-3  08 kittens day 1-3  06  kittens day 1-3  07There are two black & white kittens and one that looks just like Tabbi

We are giving them their privacy for the most part, so names and genders will be coming soon…

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