Monday, July 11, 2011

I’m Blessed Monday

Summers are so insanely busy in our family that I was tempted to just not take the time to do much blogging… But then I realized I would actually go insane! ;o)  So, posting may be a bit spotty for the next couple of months but I am going to do my darnedest to remember how I am blessed every Monday!

Today I am feeling blessed that my husband took us out to eat TWICE yesterday! It may sound a bit silly and frivolous but I needed it and he knew it! Sundays are always crazy but the Sunday that is the first day of VBS at church and the beginning of a super busy week was exponentially so!

So I am blessed by a hubby who pays attention to my needs and is teaching my three future-husbands to do the same! I hope they’re paying attention and taking notes… LOL

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Gretchen R said...

Husbands that recognize our needs are worth their weight in gold!! I know for some people that's the norm, but eating out is a big deal here, and I know for you guys too! What a great gift!

We're feeling the summer crunch too. I'm already dreaming about winter days by the fire.

Thanks for keeping up the "I'm Blessed" posts on Mondays at I absolutely love that you contribute!