Sunday, July 31, 2011

County Fair 2011

Ever since they started having free admission to our county fair, we’ve gone! Why not??? It’s free! And the farmer in me is always inspired (or rendered momentarily and completely discontent with our house in town). Why, oh, why won’t they let me have a goat??? Even Seattle residents can have a miniature goat!!! Ok, don’t get me started… Back to the fair.

This year was even more fun because Will entered some pictures and we were all anticipating a fine showing in the ribbon department! And we weren’t disappointed! You can check out his winnings HERE.

fair pics 02

After collecting his prizes, we checked out the rest of what our fine county has to offer!

Of course there was rides, and games and sugary and/or deep-fried goodies!

fair food 01 fair 14 fair 15  There was also animals, produce and other such farmy stuff…

fair 05 fair 03 fair 04 After seeing all these gorgeous birds it made me wonder what would possess someone to want one of these???

fair 01I also want to find out what kind of chicken lays these lovely dark brown eggs! They are just delicious!

fair 02But I don’t just love the feathered farm animals…

fair 08 fair 06 fair 07   I would be thrilled to have any one of these creatures come and live in our backyard farm! Well, maybe not the cow…

With the unusually cold wet season here, the produce entries were a little lacking. But the cold weather crops seem to be fairing (pardon the pun) quite well and I always enjoy the grange displays!

fair 13fair 12 fair 11These two were my favorites! There is just something so homey and comforting about all the canned goods and produce on display!

fair 10   I love dahilas! We had them at our wedding and this combination of fuchsia pink, pale yellow and purple was just stunning!

Since we get in for free and we don’t have much in the way to money to burn, we treated ourselves to a monster bag of cotton candy and a couple of games of Bingo to benefit our local PUD charity.

fair food 04fair 09All in all it was a very good day at the fair!  


Laurel Smith Rogers said...

The dark eggs look like those my welsummers lay. Might check that.

Laurel Smith Rogers said...

The dark eggs look like those laid by my welsummers. Might check out that breed.