Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sheet Dreams

I admit it… I adore sleeping on clean new sheets! If I had tons of time (or a maid), I would wash and change the sheets every day. It would be a frivolous waste but totally worth it!!!

This past winter we were introduced to the fluffy warm luxury of polar fleece sheets! When you heat entirely with wood and your bedroom is in the far back of the house, they are an absolute must on cold winter nights! I was quite positive that I would never find sheets quite as lovely ever again…

I was wrong!

If cotton and silk were to have a baby, these sheets would be their offspring. I wish I had kept the package because I honestly can’t remember what they are and I’m not sure what they are made of??? They are almost weightless and just softly drape over you while you sleep. Perfect for hot summer nights! And I love the delicate almost toile-like pattern! 

sheets 01

I know it’s silly, but I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight! Maybe I’ll turn in early and do a bit of reading before I go to sleep???

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