Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farmwife Fashion

While we were vacationing at Lincoln City, us girls hit the outlet mall TWICE. I haven’t been to an outlet mall in ages!

Our first stop was Claire’s. I never get to go to Claire’s. Most trips to the mall involve GameStop or Big Five or Sears, but never Claire’s. They have so many cute earrings, it was almost impossible to choose just one. Thankfully, they were having a sale and I didn’t have to! : o)

fashion 06

I just loved the owls and trees!

fashion 07

The first night, I didn’t really find much until I got to Christopher & Banks. I fell in love with this green sweater!

fashion 01

fashion 02

It really isn’t gray, it just looks that way in the pic

The first time we went, Zack and Will came with and it was only an hour before closing. So we had to hurry! Not that the boys minded.

Gap girls 02Gap girls 03

The mannequins at Old Navy kinda creeped the boys out! LOL

With only an hour, there were still so many stores we hadn’t seen. So Mom and I went again the next day, too! And this time we walked into the sweater sale at Dress Barn. Immediately we spied an adorable long chocolate brown sweater that we loved! But as we continued to walk around we discovered that we were surrounded by hundreds of adorable sweaters that were all on sale! It was almost like a dream! I didn’t know clothes shopping could be fun! Usually my shopping trips involve lots of thoughts/comments like, “Who thought that was a good idea?” or “I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind wearing that.” or “That would not fit me in a million years!” Maybe that’s why I prefer shopping at Goodwill? LOL

I was actually hard to decide. But after several trips to the fitting room and looks in the mirror, we found the perfect ones! Not only did they look nice on the hanger, they fit like they were made just for me!

fashion more 01fashion more 02

I got my hubby to take a picture of me in this one, but he gave me a strange look when I asked and then I knew he wasn’t going to appreciate being a fashion photographer.  So the rest of them are just lying on my bed… : o)

fashion 03

fashion 04

This one is my favorite!

fashion 05

I loved this one because it was just so soft!!!

Oh, and when you shop at stores where no one else has worn the clothes before they put them in pretty bags! ; o)

fashion 08

Not exactly working in the garden or mucking out the chicken coop attire, so now I’ll have to go somewhere fancy to wear them!

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