Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Just Can It!

I have spent the last two days (well… last week) canning. I’ve already done some canning but this was the all-day marathon type of canning!

I had the revelation that canning is a lot like having a baby… The results are so wonderful that we totally forget how much crazy-hard work it is and we go and do it again. ;o)

After two days the kitchen was a disaster, I was hot and sweaty (thanks to the fact that summer decided to finally show up just when canning season really got into full swing), but I now have a good start (but just a start, mind you) on my canning (and freezing) for the upcoming year…

canning 01

Sometimes I go into the laundry room just to stare at it…

canning 02

The kittens just love standing in front of the open freezer to cool off!

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