Monday, October 24, 2011

Cider Press

We realized that this year was the fifth year the boys have gone to press cider with the Cummings. This year I decided to tag along. It was fun to see the process! Usually we just see the results strewn all over the kitchen floor when we go to pick them up.

The past couple of years have not been good for local apples, so they ordered another bin of apples this year and had it delivered from Yakima. Six hundred pounds is a whole lot of apples!!!

apple cider 01

Will obviously took the first picture! Unfortunately he got caught up in the fun and quit after this one.

apple cider 04apple cider 10

It was just fun to be part of a bigger community getting together and having fun. Kind of like a quilting bee or a barn raising… In all we pressed (and drank) about 60 gallons of cider!!! We had to quit because we ran out of containers!

apple cider 03

apple cider 05

apple cider 07

Even the rain didn’t deter these guys!

apple cider 09

Some of those apples were really BIG!

apple cider 13

First the apples get chopped and then they get pressed.

apple cider 15

Then we strain the cider through cheese cloth into our containers.

apple cider 20

A couple of neighbors had some apples to share, so the kids went over to glean some more for us to press…

apple cider 18apple cider 19

Sometimes just climbing the tree works better than ladders

We also picked some grapes from the grape vines and threw them in, too. Apple & white grape cider is mighty tasty!

apple cider 21

apple cider 22

When it was all said and done we had a whole lot of cider! And it didn’t take long at all with all that good help…

apple cider 25apple cider 27apple cider 28apple cider 29

Everyone worked hard but they still found time to play… especially when it came time for clean-up! ;o)

apple cider 26

apple cider 23

the leftovers don’t look so appetizing

apple cider 30

Pressing cider is much easier when you can use a hose for clean-up. Too bad we couldn’t have used it on her poor kitchen floor!

apple cider 31

The best part of cider pressing… having a fridge full of cider! We brought home 10 gallons!!!

apple cider 32

Thankfully the shelves held up until we could get it all canned! Whew!

Thanks again, Cummings family! It wouldn’t seem like fall without cider…

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