Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Master Make-Over

Eventually we will get all the rooms in this house painted…. but now the master bedroom is done. And it looks FANTASTIC!!!

I was inspired by a family tree photo display I saw on Pinterest but I still needed the right wall color. My friend Megan gave me all of their left-over house paint and it was perfect! I knew it as soon as I slopped a bit of it on the wall over the bed!

I so wish I had better before/after pics of this. Why do I never remember to do it until after I start the project and it is too late? Here’s the best one I could find… And yes, the room was as boring as it looks in the picture.

end tables 03

Here’s what it looks like now…

bedroom 01

bedroom 04

bedroom 05

bedroom 06

bedroom 02

this art work is also inspired from Pinterest, just scrapbook paper mounted on boards

bedroom 03

We used to have this on a sign above the closet, but I like it so much better painted above the bed with baskets for our books and such!

bedroom 07

I love being reminded of this every morning when I get up!

This will be our first night in our new room and I am sure I will sleep even better than usual! And I usually sleep really well…

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Kathy said...

REALLY CUTE! Love the tree, too:)