Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craft/Music Room Art

Now that the schoolroom is no longer a schoolroom I decided it was time for some new art on the walls… Well, some I kept up because I am sentimentally attached to it. The large laminated map of the world, on the other hand, was out of there!

So then there was the dilemma of what to put up in its place??? I’m still waiting for my uber cute calendar to come in the mail but I still had quite a bit of space to fill from the map.

I found some embroidery hoops while cleaning and organizing the craft closets and recalled a cute idea I saw on Pinterest (yes, every so often I actually DO the things I see on Pinterest). I dug through my fabric stash, found a few of my favs, put them in the hoops, put some nails in the wall and viola… fun and colorful art work in a flash!

music craft room art 04

music craft room art 05

Then when I am tired of those prints, I’ll change them out and have all new art!

I also needed something for the music side of the room. I wrapped some fabric around an old canvas painting and had fun new guitar art!

guitar art 01

I guess there’s a couple of banjos in there,too ;o)

I also grabbed some of our cd jackets and hung them from the memo line on the wall under the window. I chose some of my favs from 10+ years ago. Great memories!!!

music craft room art 01

music craft room art 02

music craft room art 03

There, that’s better!

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