Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leingang Home Makeover 2012 Edition

Just before the new year, my hubby and I sat down and made a relatively realistic list of things we would like to do to the house this year. Some of these are things we said had to be done immediately after we moved in… 6 and a half years ago! ;o)

To be fair, we have never lived in any house this long! Our previous record is 2 1/2 years…

After the list was made, I started to feel a little bit excited about all the things we were finally going to do! At the same time I already started to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the things we were finally going to do… My husband, on the other hand, was raring to go! Right now!!!

Before I knew what was happening, he and the boys started moving furniture… Step one was underway and it wasn’t even 2012 yet!

Here’s what we did:

The musical instruments needed to move out of the family room where the woodstove is.

room swap 06

the piano is going as soon as spring comes and the backyard dries out enough to take the piano out to the truck

But where to move them to??? The schoolroom…

room swap 01

In order to move them into the schoolroom, we had to move the boys’ desks out. Oh, and my sewing table… which is now the computer station in the picture above of the family room.

One of the desks became my desk. One of the desks became my new sewing table. Andy’s desk went up to his room where his couch used to be…

room swap 05

it was hard to say goodbye to the nasty old green couch that we’ve had for FOREVER!!!

My desk became Will’s desk in his room…

no pic because their room was a bit too messy for the blog ;o)

While I was doing a bit of work in the schoolroom craft/music room, I bit some organizing, too! I also took TWO van loads of stuff to the local Goodwill!!!

room swap 02

Now I can see all my fabrics!!!

room swap 03room swap 04

Maybe I’ll make more of the fun crafts I dream of making now that I actually know what I have???

I enjoyed this new change for about 4 days and then decided to tackle our first room of 2012… the living room!

living room before 03living room before 04

Some of the prep work is done and paint should start going up tomorrow!

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