Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Decorations 2011

So here is a tour of all my new decorations (purchased or made) for 2011. I have to admit this may be my favorite year yet!!! Thank you Pinterest and Dollar Tree! ;o)

When I look at the pictures, I realize it looks much better when you see it as a whole in person! Probably because I am NOT a photographer… LOL

decorations 01decorations 02

My hutch got a garland intertwined with musical Christmas bell lights. then I filled my crystal bowl with red and gold balls that match the rest of the dining room.

decorations 03

Just to the right of the hutch is the fireplace. I love the gold glitter decorations from Dollar Tree! But I really wish I had a mantle…

decorations 19decorations 20decorations 21

But my favorite new living/dining room addition is the ornaments and ribbons hanging from the chandelier! They look especially nice with our new gold tablecloth and red chargers!

decorations 04

My mom bought me this lovely vintage tablecloth last Christmas! It’s perfect with its matching soapdish!

On Black Friday I bought a giant Christmas paper pack and did quite a few paper crafts for decorations around the house…

decorations 05

decorations 08

decorations 18

decorations 15

covering over pictures in frames was a quick, easy, & inexpensive way to “Christmas” a room

decorations 13decorations 14

This bird garland looks so cute in our beach-themed bathroom of blue and red.

I added a few more blue and red touches to the bathroom, that turned out great!

decorations 16

blue canning jars filled with fun Christmas do-dads

decorations 27

A vase filled with blue lights, topped with a blue float really set off the glass ornament that my youngest son brought home from his cruise in Hawaii a couple of years ago. Looks much better here than lost in the shuffle on the tree!

decorations 17

I doubled over a string of blue lights and tied it together with strips of white, red and blue fabrics! It even makes me look better in the morning! LOL

decorations 26

This fun and easy window display is just some garland wrapped around a cheap tension rod. Then I tied on some glass ornaments, added a red bow, kept the lantern right where it was… Love it!!!

decorations 25

In fact, I loved it so much I did a variation of it in my bathroom! (which my boys thought was ridiculous since only my hubby and I see our bathroom… but I don’t care! I love seeing it when I wake up in the morning and it’s still dark outside! Maybe I should leave it up all year??? LOL)

The family room got a few new touches, too!

decorations 08decorations 09

I doctored up some old red records with Christmas paper and hung up an old Christmas record in the music corner.

decorations 11

All kinds of new fun stuff on the wet bar!

decorations 10

I took some burned out bulbs and glittered them! I love how sparkly they are but not how sparkly everything they touch is… ;o)

decorations 30

The kitschy wreath-o-presents was just what the wall needed! And it was only 50 cents!!!

decorations 28decorations 29

The tree got a new skirt made from a vintage round tablecloth I picked up for a whopping $2!!!

decorations 06decorations 07

I also made up some craft stick snowflakes for the fireplace downstairs… again, no mantle, but I love they way these look against the brick!

Here’s just a bit of miscellaneous stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else in the post…

decorations 22

These colors were just so pretty, I had to have them!!!

decorations 23

Christmas lights and bright colored Christmas ornaments stuffed into a glass tree make a very pretty nightlight in the upstairs bath!

decorations 24

I even put out some of my great-grandma’s Christmas postcards on my grandpa’s school desk bedside table!

Well, I think that just about wrapped up my Christmas tour. Hope your home is festive and fun and full of things you love!

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