Monday, February 27, 2012

Getting to Know the Girls

I had my breeds all picked out. I knew exactly what I wanted my next flock to be. I wanted them all to be the same age. (Fewer troubles that way.) I just had to find a feed store that had them all the same week. I found them! And I didn’t even have to drive all the way to Portland to get them this time…

Trouble was, they were coming in at 9am on Friday morning. Co-op starts at 9:30 on Friday morning. It took a pretty early start, a bit of juggling and rushing about, but I succeeded! I had to teach my first period class with a bit of background noise coming from a little cardboard box though. :o)

I hated being gone the first couple of days they were home, but my boys did a fine job caring for them. I needed a bit of a refresher course, so I went back and reviewed my notes on baby chicks. It all came back… It’s sort of like riding a bike. You really don’t forget.

This time around I am going to name them all food names, black (or red) foods, to be exact: pepper, licorice, blackberry, olive, sesame and cherry. Guess which one is the red one??? LOL Unfortunately, all but one look exactly alike. I have no idea how I will be able to tell them apart. All except for Cherry.

new chicks 01 Can you tell which one is Cherry???

Here’s a run-down on the breeds I chose:

Rhode Island Red: Great year-round layer, low maintenance, dual breed.

breeds 01photo courtesy of  Backyard Chickens

Barred Rock: early strong layer, hardy in bad weather, dual breed. I liked our last Barred Rock, Sophie, so much! I decided to get a couple more.

breeds 03 photo courtesy of Backyard Chickens

Marans: beautiful birds, decent layers, dark brown eggs. (I got them for their eggs) Mine are cuckoo marans and look much like Barred Rocks. This could be a problem with the whole naming thing… :o) But look at those gorgeous eggs!

breeds 02photo courtesy of Sumner-Byrd Poultry

Australorp: good year-round layers (this breed holds the record for egg laying), mellow and shy, good in cold or warm weather. They are a big breed and a gorgeous jet black!

breeds 04  photo courtesy of Backyard Chickens

Well… here’s the line up of our new girls. Names are subject to change and frequent confusion.

chicks 01Cherry

chicks 02 


chicks 03


chicks 04


chicks 05


chicks 06


Now we’ll just hope we don’t wake up to any crowing in the future…

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