Monday, February 20, 2012

Beach Combing (Well… Shopping)

I love poking through all the little shops when we go to the coast! You always find the neatest things that you don’t see anywhere else. Some have to come home with you but some are better just left on the shelf…

Here are some of my favorite finds this weekend!

beach shopping 01 Ok, don’t mind if I do… ;o)

beach shopping 04

Bruce’s Candy Kitchen has the best salt water taffy on the coast!

beach shopping 03 beach shopping 02

I just love all the test tubes of sprinkles!

beach shopping 06

Smitten with these egg cups!

beach shopping 07

The boys thought this would be fun!

beach shopping 12 beach shopping 09 beach shopping 10 beach shopping 11

I wish I had someone to read these to…

beach shopping 13


beach shopping 08

This is another example of “better on the shelf”… Ugh!

beach shopping 15 beach shopping 14

I just couldn’t leave this on the shelf! Now to decide what to do with it???

I can’t show you my FAVORITE thing I bought at a shop called The Man Cave because they are my birthday present and I’m not supposed to forget my hubby bought them for me until May. But I know exactly where they are… LOL

I think I like shopping a little more than I let on… ;o)

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