Thursday, March 22, 2012

The NEW Beach Bathroom

Our basement bathroom (aka: the boys’ bathroom, the basement bathroom or the bowling alley bathroom) just got a makeover. Man, did it need it! It was one of the first, and last, rooms I painted when we moved in almost 7 years ago. And I’ve wanted to re-do it almost ever since…

I wish I had better “before” pictures, but I always forget to take them or remember too late. Ugh! I always just jump right into a project without thinking. Here are a few I found or took after I’d prepped to paint:

bathroom 01 You can see why we called it the “bowling alley” bathroom. It is just a long skinny room with nothing in it! BORING!!!

It was decorated with a nautical theme in reds and blues. It was cute and fine for a season, but I was ready for a change.

shower curtain 02 We were given three lovely cans of paint by my friend Megan and I was determined to make them work! There wasn’t much of any one color though. Thanks to my friend, Jo, I was empowered to go with all three…

bathroom 03I put up a chair rail to divide the two colors and put the lighter color on the bottom. Three walls are a lighter shade (the same color of our bedroom) and the wall above the sink is a bit darker. I went with oil rubbed bronze accents.

I love how it draws the room in rather than having that “goes on forever” look!

bathroom 05bathroom 06   towel hooks for the boys

bathroom 08

I just couldn’t let the shower curtain go…

bathroom 12

I also decided to paint all the trim and cabinets. I love the dark ORB hardware on the light paint!

bathroom 04

bathroom 14

bathroom 07bathroom 11bathroom 09bathroom 13bathroom 15As you can see, I decided to keep the nautical/beach theme. I wanted to use some of my youngest son’s photography in one of our rooms. Some of his best pictures are from the beach. So I ordered some prints, bought 7 frames for $23 bucks at Michael’s (Yippee!) and put them up. He doesn’t like all of the ones I chose, but I think they are all beautiful! (He would want you to know that… LOL)

Next up… getting rid of the AWFUL shower and countertop! But I think it’s going to be a while. :o/

shower 01 bathroom 11 I already have the tile for the shower and the coordinating formica all picked out… It’s going to be stunning!

bathroom 02


Cindi said...

Wow! That was a lot of work I am sure! It looks great and I like the photos. Very nice and thanks for sharing!

Misty said...

I second the WOW! It looks fabulous! You guys did a great job!