Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crock Pot Soap

I totally ran out of soap! Thankfully, I didn’t have to buy any thanks to my friend April. I exchanged some lye for some of her lovely bars of soap. Now my record of not having to buy soap for almost 4 years still stands!

soap 13 soap 14

I especially love the espresso owl soap!

Today, April came over and helped me make some more. About 75 bars more!

soap 02

I always use the same 3 recipes and just modify them, by adding things or using various liquids. My two favorite recipes are HERE.

This is the other one I used today:

37 ounces olive oil

7 ounces coconut oil

12 ounces distilled water

6 ounces lye

The directions on how to make soap in your crock pot are HERE.

We made some with espresso, some with tea and some with chai tea. Just water works fine, too. But remember to ALWAYS use distilled water! 

For texture, throw in poppy seeds, coffee grounds, or whatever else you like. Essential oils work well for scents.

soap 06Espresso with coffee grounds

soap 07 

chai tea

soap 09

lemon poppyseed

soap 12

tea tree oil

April also let me use her beautiful new mold her husband made her. While my plastic molds are fine, I may just need to get me one of those… ;o)

soap 01


Amber said...

These look great! I love the owl wraps, a very cute touch!

Anonymous said...

You make this seem so easy! One day I hope to try it for myself

Frankie's Amy said...

The espresso one sounds lovely and I love the little owl wrapper. I saw an etsy seller yesterday that sells ONLY vintage owl finds. Now she much LOVE owls!

Leingang Family said...

It is pretty easy! You should get some friends together and do it!

Ian McAllister said...

All these bars of must have an enormous crockpot.

People living in Perth, W. Australia can get their large amounts of oil at wholesale prices from only one place in Maylands as far as I know.

Ian McAllister

Joy G. said...

I'm so excited to use this recipe! I'm wondering approx how many bars of soap one recipe gives? Just trying to figure out how many recipes I should make for Christmas gifts. Thank you so much!

Leingang Family said...

I wish I could remember how many bars a recipe makes! It would really depend on the size of the mold and the size of your bars. I honestly haven't made soap since April 2012. I am almost out and need to make it again soon! I am going to guess about 10-12 bars. Hope that's close!

Unknown said...

Do you use any essential oils in your expresso soap? Does the coffee scent come through without them?

Leingang Family said...

I don't. The scents don't come through very well. I have found that scents don't do well in hot-processed soap. I'm somewhat sensitive to scents, so I don't mind. I also like to be able to use my soap right away if I need to.