Monday, June 11, 2012

Please Don’t Swarm!

For some reason my bees are crowded and it looks like they are beginning to think about swarming! They never built up the last three frames in the bottom box and only want to work in the center of the top box. So today, I opened them up and did a bit of shuffling of frames in the hopes that they will spread out a bit and work on filling up the remaining empty frames.

Swarm cells- The Backyard Farmwife opening up the box

Swarm cells- The Backyard Farmwife

that’s a LOT of bees!

Swarm cells- The Backyard Farmwife

Swarm cells- The Backyard FarmwifeSwarm cells- The Backyard Farmwifeswapping empty frames for full frames

My queen is quite prolific! Look at all the brood she’s making…

Swarm cells- The Backyard Farmwife   Are these bunnies or bees? LOL

Swarm cells- The Backyard FarmwifeYou can even see the little white larvae in this one. Unfortunately, I think you can also see a queen cell in this one… :o(

I also scraped off a bit of burr comb before shutting it all back up…

Swarm cells- The Backyard FarmwifeUpon further examination, I am pretty sure that there was a queen cell on the burr comb.

Swarm cells- The Backyard Farmwife   I did a bit of research and sure enough, that looks like a queen cell. Why do they make queen cells? Because they are getting ready to swarm and take the queen and 60% of the colony with her and leave. The queen cells are her baby replacements.

I need to do whatever I can to keep that from happening! So on Wednesday, I’m going back in to hopefully find all the queen cells and get rid of them.

It still may not guarantee they won’t swarm, but here’s hoping and praying that they will stay put!


Kim said...

We just went through this today!! I thought we had scored with a third hive, but am now thinking it may have been part of our original hive. The bees in the original look small and not as active as hive 2~maybe a new hatch? We didn't see the queen in there either. Our bees did the same thing as yours. Thankfully, they didn't go far so we were able to capture them. But I'm not sure what will happen to the original hive now. Hopefully yours will stay put!

Cheryl said...

Carrie, this is all so fascinating! I'll be interested to hear what happens next!