Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Queen Cells

I gave them a 48 hour break after shuffling frames before I tackled getting rid of the remaining queen cells…

swarm 10

Foolishly (I guess) I thought now that I had freed up all kinds of space in the top box, that it would be buzzing with activity. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the lid and found it almost empty of bees. Instead they are all crammed in as tight as can be in the bottom box! Arrrrrr!!!!!

That made the job of search and destroy much more difficult than I had hoped. But I think I found them all (and a few maybes) and hacked off a whole lotta bees! They don’t take kindly to baby killers. Especially baby queen killers! LOL

Now I’m trying to decide what to do next??? Do I give them a week and see if they move up to work soon? If they stay in crowded box in the bottom, they’ll want to swarm.  Do I check them in a couple of days and move up two of the full frames to reduce crowding and give them the idea that they can work up now. They’ve done it once so they should know what to do.

My son’s friends have hives and one of theirs swarmed the day before yesterday. :o(  

This is proving to be way more complicated than I thought…

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