Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Improvement On Hold

It is funny how things that seem so important one minute, seem so not important later on. When we made the decision to make 2012 the home project year, I was so excited! All those little things that never seemed to get accomplished were finally going to happen.

Then our oldest son graduated from high school, and reality set in…

grad family 02

At the end of the upcoming school year our two oldest will both be graduated from high school and college with their AA degrees. Our youngest son will finish his last year of homeschooling before starting the Running Start program at our local community college.

grad family 03 What??? How did this happen so fast???

Suddenly we realized what was really important. We are not going to have too many more years left with our kids at home! Before we know it they will move out, have busy lives of their own and won’t have time for family vacations.

All those silly little projects around the house will still be there long after they’re gone.

bathroom 01

So we’re making the most of our summer and spending time together and making memories. After all… that’s what’s really important!

grad family 01

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CJ Olson said...

family time is so important & your boys will cherish the time spent together.