Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Apple Surprise

It’s been a good year for apple trees in our neck of the woods. All the trees I drive by are loaded with apples! I have to confess that I am rather envious of people who are fortunate enough to have apple trees.

Yesterday, my oldest son was cleaning the moss and overhanging limbs off the roof and made a discovery…

We have an apple tree!!!

apple tree - The Backyard Farmwife

In the seven years we’ve lived here we had no idea that we had one! Never seen one single apple on it ever!

apple tree - The Backyard Farmwife

There aren’t many apples on it but it’s a start.

apple tree - The Backyard Farmwife

They look nice and are scabby or deformed. Zack cleared away some of the scrub trees that had grown up around it and I am going to do some research on how to encourage it to grow more fruit.

apple tree - The Backyard Farmwife

I won’t be canning jars and jars of applesauce this year, but you never know what the future may hold???

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