Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Summary

Here is a summary of our summer…


Our oldest son graduated from high school this year

grad family 01

We went to Family Bible Camp for a week where my husband is the director.

bible camp 09thankfully my son didn’t get slimed this year, he just took pics


all of  us PNW pastors’ wives


We were home from camp in time to go to the Go 4th festival at the lake this year!

go 4th 13cardboard regatta

4th of July at my parents’ place to celebrate Independence Day and all of the birthdays.

4 of July 384 of July 23Spent the day on the river with friends and their jet skis

river swim 04After VBS we spent a week at Creation (a Christian music festival)   

creation 05Creation 34Creation 36

I worked at our bee club’s display at the county fair.

bee fair 01 On our way to our church’s annual convention in Minnesota, we stopped at Yellowstone for a couple of days.

   yellowstone ours 16yellowstone ours 26yellowstone will 52August

Spent a few days back in Fergus Falls at the annual convention. Seeing friends, eating at Space Aliens in Fargo,having my hubby lead the service where HB London spoke, and swimming by lantern light in the hotel pool when the power went out in a lightning storm were the highlights!

space aliens 03precon 01We got back from a 25 hour drive (straight through) at 8:00 Sunday night and left the next morning at 8:00 for our youth group trip to Leavenworth.

great escape 24The boys and I camped down at my parents’ creek property for a week with my sisters and my nieces and nephew. We did a bit of hiking in the Gorge and my newest niece was born while we were there!

camping trip 40camping trip 46camping trip 56camping trip 14camping trip 32camping trip 02camping trip 06Then for one last hurrah we took the youth group kids tubing and picnicking on the river. For some it was their first time on a ski boat or on a tube!

yg river 04yg river 27Whew! We had quite the summer! Days home: 50  Days gone: 36   No wonder I’m tired… ;o)        


Ausmerican Housewife said...

Creation at the Gorge in George, Wa? Oh I miss the Gorge!

Ausmerican Housewife said...

Oh I miss the Gorge in George, Wa!

Leingang Family said...

So do we! Enumclaw is NOT the same! :o(

bianca said...

What a blast! Yellowstone proves to be one of the best parks in the country. It's got a lot to offer and a lot of trails to hike on. Keep us inspired with more of your adventures.