Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hiking Mt St Helens

My two oldest start back at the college on Monday, so I arranged for one more field trip before they can’t go anymore…

First we stopped at the 7 Wonders Creation Museum to learn about how the eruption of Mt St Helens help to support the fact that the earth did not need millions of years to develop. If you ever get the chance to go, do it!

Then we headed up the mountain to have lunch at Coldwater Lake and then hike the Boundary Trail out to Devil’s Elbow. About halfway up the mountain we could see smoke coming in from over the hills. It gave everything an eerie hue and somewhat hampered our view of the mountain.

But it was still gorgeous and just one more proof of God’s powerful and creative nature!

mt st helens 05 Coldwater Lake

mt st helens 10

Mt St Helens and the valley below

mt st helens 13

mt st helens 14

mt st helens 26 the trail to Devil’s Elbow is rather narrow and has a pretty steep fall

 mt st helens 25

The Devil’s Elbow

mt st helens 18

the view of Spirit Lake from the Devil’s Elbow

mt st helens 27

the smoke coming in from over the hills

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