Monday, September 24, 2012

A Whole New View

We’ve wanted to cut back the huge arborvitae in our front yard for FOREVER! What finally motivated us to do it??? A free trip to the dump coupon that came in our power bill last month and was about to expire.

hedges 03

As you can see, they are were super tall! It is like our front yard is an impenetrable fortress of cedar… until we started up the chainsaw and started hacking! Then it looked like a forest exploded in our front yard!

hedges 06 hedges 05  At times it got a little harried and at one point I was beginning to think maybe standing on a ladder with a running chainsaw wasn’t such a good idea. But no one lost any limbs and we have a whole new view out our front window! The yard looks so much bigger and brighter now!

hedges 08 hedges 07 Even the dog kept looking out the window as if there was something strange outside…

hedges 01  hedges 09






hedges 02 hedges 10

hedges 04  hedges 11






Thanks so much to my hubby and boys for all your hard work! It looks great!

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