Monday, April 14, 2014

Summer’s Almost Here… Right???

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here the past couple of days with highs in the 70s! I washed both the truck and the van today in bare feet. I got a bit of a tan while turning half of my garden. My sister posted a picture of a inflatable floating island for the river on my FB. Summer can not get here soon enough!

I LOVE summer! I’m pretty sure it’s because I simply LOVE the sun!

I love having to wear my sunglasses when I step out the door!

Butchart Gardens 30 I love the sound that my flip flops make when I walk!

I love eating supper on the deck!

I love sitting by the campfire on a warm summer evening!

campfire 02I love hiking to beautiful places that most people don’t get to see!

lewis river falls 08lewis river falls 74I love being at the beach and playing in the waves!

I love Bible Camp!

BC close up 07

I love the 4th of July!

4th of July  25

I love opening all the doors and windows and letting the breeze blow through the house!

I love playing at the river!

river day 03I love camping!

backpacking Clackamas 20

I love watching my garden grow!

Aug 11 creations 03 sept 3 creations 01

I love going on the Great Escape!

GE 25  I love floating down the river!

camping trip 56I love playing at the creek!

camping trip 46  Is it summer yet???

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