Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vacuum Make Over

Is your vacuum looking dirty and sad? Maybe it's just not working like it used to?  Wish it sucked again?

I have just the solution! Your air compressor...

Take your vacuum outside. You could do it in the garage, but be sure to have the doors open. It's gonna get pretty dusty in there. In fact, I would highly recommend wearing a face mask when doing this job. It is kind of yucky.

Just fire up your compressor (don't turn it up too high) and take your vacuum apart as much as you can and lay out all the parts.

Then just blow every one of them with the air hose nozzle. You can even blow off your filters if you are very careful (I wouldn't do paper ones. Vacuum those out with a shop vac instead.) Pay special attention to the

You might be surprised what comes out of your hoses... :)

When you're all done, clean the parts off with your favorite household cleaner so everything is spic and span!

Put it all back together and it's like having a brand new vacuum again!

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Misty said...

Good tip! I do this too. For weeks my Dyson wasn't working as well as it normally does. I was worried it was just getting old. We bought it at the Goodwill about 6 years ago. I had checked every place I knew for clogs but decided to check again and I found a little piece that came off letting you see what was in an encased portion of the hose. Sure enough I found a straw that was twisted up clogging it. I used a wire hanger to clear it out and now it is back to being a cleaning beast again.