Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Mechanical Rooster

I have never liked mornings… I dread hearing the alarm disturbing my peaceful slumber. But I’ve always wanted one those true old-fashioned alarm clocks. You know the kind with the clanging bells on top. Somehow it always seemed like a lovely way to wake up in the morning, not like that electronic buzzing noise or some annoying morning talk show. Somehow it would make me feel  more like a farmer waking up to milk the cows at the crack of dawn. In my mind, that is how mornings should feel.

So when I found this adorable owl alarm clock sitting in the pile at the Bins, I just knew it was meant to be… I couldn’t wait for the morning to come!

 clock 02

And then it went off at 6:54 am only 2 feet away from my head… Wait, didn’t I set it for 7:00??? (I also learned they are not very exact) And I was awake! There is no sleeping through the the insistent clanging and no snooze button. And it just wouldn’t quit… It felt like it took forever before I could fumble around and get it to stop!

clock 01

Now, I understood why Ferdinand had to enlist Babe to help him steal the mechanical rooster from the boss’ bedroom. :o) It’s an efficient little sucker…

 babe and clock

The first two days, I woke up as soon as it went off. The following three days, I actually woke up 4 minutes before the alarm went off. I’m pretty sure that subconsciously I did not want to hear that bell…

On the bright side, it was working! I was consistently getting up before the alarm. It was going so well that I eventually didn’t have to set the alarm at all.

But then I started staying up late and sleeping in. The vicious cycle had begun…

So before going to sleep, I flipped the little switch on the back of the clock. And at 4 am I woke up, checked the time, went back to sleep. 4:17 am, check the time, go back to sleep… Every 8 to 12 minutes until 6:54! I think I’m actually afraid of that bell now! :o)

Yeah, I was right… Mornings stink!

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