Thursday, May 10, 2012

Calming Syrup

Today, I mixed up a batch of sugar syrup to spray on the bees while we were poking around in the hive.

I always assumed you should have a smoker, but sugar, water and a squirt gun are much more popular.

If you spray the bees with the mixture, they are a bit too sticky to fly well and are quite distracted by cleaning themselves of the delicious nectar!

As an added bonus, it was suggested to me that I add one drop of lemongrass essential oil and one of peppermint (or wintergreen or spearmint). I’m not clear on exactly what that does, but I did it. Better safe than sorry.

Here’s the recipe I used:

5 cups sugar

5 cups water (hot enough to easily dissolve the sugar)

1 drop peppermint (or wintergreen or spearmint essential oil)

1 drop lemongrass essential oil

First dissolve the sugar in hot water. Stir well! Then add the oils and stir REALLY well. Let the mixture cool to room temperature before pouring into your spray bottle.

Gently mist the bees while you are working in your hive.

hive tour 02

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