Thursday, May 10, 2012

Touring the Hive

This morning I got a personal tour of my hive. Roy, from the bee club, stopped by and helped me get into the hive and see what was up with the burr comb on the inner lid…

Here are the things I learned today:

#1. I’m a chicken: Roy shows up, grabs his hive tool and gets right into it. No veil, no gloves nothing. I felt ridiculous putting on my veil and gloves but I don’t like getting stung. He doesn’t seem to even notice. (He got stung while we were poking around)

hive tour 06 #2. If you have too much room under the inner lid in the spring, the bees will make comb in the extra space. We had the lid on upside down. It’s right now, though.

bees day one 05#3. Work slowly and carefully. You don’t want to aggravate the bees, or squash any of them to death.

hive tour 04#4. Plastic frames stink! My next brood box is going to have wax frames.

hive tour 05#5. I need a screened bottom. Better air flow. Less trouble with moisture. Easier to keep clean.

#6. The pollen patty should be in the middle of the frames, not on the corner. We fixed that, too.

bees day one 06  #7. The queen is BIG. I was so proud that I found her! Roy was proud, too! Oh, and he says she is doing her job well! Lots of brood in the middle frames!

hive tour 03#8. Keep feeding sugar syrup (1:1) until they won’t take anymore.

bees day one 18#9. I only need to check the hives once a week, to see if they are filling up the frames. When the outer ones are getting built up with comb, then it’s time for the next box.

hive tour 02#10. I need to buy a second veil and glove set. It’s much easier to do with a partner. Someone to spray them with syrup while you are slowly and ever so carefully lifting out the frames.

I wonder who the lucky one will be??? :o)   

And lastly: I am going to love having my own beeswax!

hive tour 07Isn’t it pretty???

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