Sunday, February 17, 2013

BBC Chicks

While I do consider myself to be a BBC chick, this post isn’t about my being a British television fan girl. I got five chicks on Friday from our local farm store.

BBC chicks - The Backyard Farmwife

Our first batch of chicks were all named German names. The second batch, foods. The newest girls after characters in our favorite BBC shows: Downton Abbey, Dr Who and Call the Midwife. They aren’t always our favorite characters but we picked the ones that had the best chicken names.

I picked up my five babies and brought them home in a box that looked remarkably like the box I would use to bring home fried chicken from the deli in… LOL

BBC chicks - The Backyard Farmwife My chick box

take out chicken

the take-out box

The big difference is that the chicken in my box was way cuter!

BBC chicks - The Backyard Farmwife The girls got settled into their new home pretty quick!

BBC chicks 03 The names are:

Clara, the Doctor’s newest companion


Photo courtesy of

Camilla, the very tall midwife. I may just call her Chummy…

Christmas Special Photo courtesy of

The last three are all Downton women: Anna, Daisy & Violet…

Anna Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of


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I just love having babies in the house! Well, not when they get pasty butt… LOL

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Misty said...

I'd have thought there'd be a Cora for sure! :-)