Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Egg Carton Art

After we got chickens, my super talented sister painted me this egg carton…

egg carton - The Backyard Farmwife It was too cute to use! But after all this time of just admiring it I realized it was just too cute not to use!

I turned to my handy-dandy scanner/printer. What would I do without that thing??? I scanned a copy of it. Put in into a Word doc, made it 3” tall and 10.25” across. Copied a second one and saved it.

Then I printed it onto 8 1/2 X 11” label paper. You can buy it on Ebay HERE.

egg carton - The Backyard FarmwifeAll I had to do was cut them out and stick them on top of new blank egg cartons I bought at the feed store for 40 cents each.

egg carton - The Backyard Farmwifeegg carton - The Backyard FarmwifeThe hardest part was getting the back off the sticker without ruining it! ;o)

egg carton - The Backyard FarmwifeI simply love the way they turned out! Now I have two for my fridge and two for my sweet friend who buys my eggs every month!

egg carton - The Backyard Farmwife


Kim said...

This is such a cute idea! Might have to borrow it:)

Kate said...

That is a great idea! So cute!! I may try and do something similar with our cartons....Love it.