Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snuggies, MacGyver and Blackout Wardens

Our family room is one of the last remaining rooms in the house that we haven’t done anything to. It’s the room we live in and it looks like it. It is where we watch movies, do school, work on homework, play video games; you know, everything.

Here is a picture of what I mean… I’m only showing you this because the room is picked up at the moment.

blackout curtain 03 The lounge chair was supposed to be for my husband when we went camping. But the boys like sitting in it while watching movies so much that it has stayed there since Christmas…

blackout curtain 04This is the other half of the room and the desk where our youngest does school every day. The glare was so bad when the sun came out that he put up a “curtain” to block out the light. (I had already taken it down in this picture. Hence the giant ladder in the middle of the room.)

blackout curtain 01 Yup! That is a blue Snuggie hanging over the window held up by a pencil on the right side. I won’t tell you how long I’ve let that hang there. But I finally had enough and took it down. I then learned how it was that he found something long enough to span the length of the entire window…

blackout curtain 02A stick and a broken walking stick stuck into a piece of PVC pipe. It’s a little bit MacGyver, but admittedly ingenious. Not attractive, but ingenious.

I should have made something a little more stylish but with the state of the room, I wasn’t feeling very motivated. So I went with a basic heavy black curtain made from some fabric in my stash.

blackout curtain 06It doesn’t exactly fit the window but it will keep the sun out of his eyes while he works on his geometry lessons… I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t pass a WWII blackout inspection and I’d probably be fined 10 quid for that shoddy job. But it’s a darn sight better than the Snuggie/walking stick contraption.

I have so many ideas rolling around in my head for the room! Mostly an eclectic/retro/kitschy  Applebee’s restaurant kind of look with fun stuff hanging on the walls. It has tons of potential that is currently in a pile on the floor in front of the potentially awesome bar.

blackout curtain 05 Someday I hope it will be my favorite room in the house!

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